Existing Business

Existing Business

  • IFRS Implementation

       - IFRS Diagnostics

       - IFRS Implementation

       - Audit Support

        What will the client receive?

  • Increasing efficiency of financial department
  • increasing qualification of the financial department
  • IFRS Implementation
  • Due Diligence

Due diligence is sometimes called an investigation or audit of a potential investment. Its main aim is to confirm all material facts in regards to a sale.
The due diligence report includes reviewing all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale. Sellers could also perform a due diligence analysis on the buyer. In order to minimize the risk of unwanted purchase or diversification into irrelevant direction we encourage companies or investors, wishing to acquire existing business, start with Due Diligence report and let the independent and unbiased professionals identify any shortcomings or risks for them.

What will the client receive?

The final product is the Due Diligence Report, which will help the client take the right decision whether to purchase the stake or entire company. It will provide the buyer with clear picture such as: what are the risks and rewards associated with purchase, what will be the after acquisition performance of the company, etc.

  • Business Processes and Systems Optimization

Small and medium companies in most cases start their business with no or limited presence of formal procedures and controls. This is acceptable for family owned or micro businesses, however as soon as the company grows, it needs formally authorized efficient and strong processes. Otherwise the pace of development will slow and company may lose customers as well. We offer the process optimization service to the small and medium companies to ensure that their performance will be improved regarding its size, development pulse or management style.

What will the client receive?

We help companies to optimize their day to day business processes and implement innovative problem solving system solutions. The profitability of the business will be affected by the optimization such as Revenue, Costs, etc. 

  • Development Plan

Business may face two equally difficult problems: First - it has problems with growth, which results in disappointed customers, investors, employees, etc. Second - it grows very fast and its resources could not match with the pace of development. For both problems we offer one remedy - Development Plan. This report summarizes the current position of your business, where do you want it to be in short and long run and what should be done to achieve these goals.

What will the client receive?

The final product is the Development Plan which will include individually designed development timeline, designed to make this process transparent and traceable. The service includes two monitoring checks from our side to make sure that the company is pursuing the right direction of development.