Financial Institutions Negotiation

Financial Institutions Negotiations Overview

Finding the right financial product and negotiating with financial institutions is a crucial, but cumbersome aspect of keeping any modern business on the move. Maintaining fulltime staff for dealing with financial institutions can be a burden on the payroll, while investing insufficient manpower can lead to suboptimal financing arrangements. For this reason, SavvY is ready to join your team as needed to find the right partner financial institution and negotiate the optimal financial product for your needs.

SavvY is committed to getting the best deal for our clients, from interest rates, to grace period, to deal structure – to this end, we put  ourselves in the client’s shoes from the very start, setting initial KPIs against which remuneration is calculated.

The SavvY Approach

Our approach to negotiation with financial institutions is rooted in our experience working with these organizations, and our deep understanding of their incentives and decision-making processes. We speak their language, which helps us cut through complexity and get down to business. This process is composed of five primary activities:

  • Company Assessment – review business plan and company financing structure and needs (e.g., sophistication, seasonality, etc.)
  • Business Plan Tuning – If necessary, adjust business plan and financial model to optimize for presentation to financial institution
  • Potential Partner Identification – Based on the specificities of the company and project(s), identify the most relevant local and international financial institution with which to pursue negotiations
  • Pitch Development – Develop the presentation and argumentation to be presented to financial institutions
  • Negotiation/Management – Serve as the go-to for both the client and financial institution throughout the process of negotiation and provide advice to client in real time.
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