Business Systems and Process Optimization

Business Systems & Process Optimization Service Overview

Due to rapid technological changes, it is becoming increasingly complex for businesses to keep track of how they are utilizing human resources and allocating time. To ensure efficient and competitive operations, it is important that today’s businesses adopt modern process management systems. Our philosophy is that proper systems should offer:

  • Transparent, quantifiable and comparable insights into business processes
  • Standardization of business processes
  • Enhanced employee productivity and use of labor-hours
  • Increased employee professionalism and competence
  • Integration with international management practices
  • Greater client and partner satisfaction

The SavvY Approach

The purpose of this service is to help businesses replace antiquated and inefficient management practices with innovative and reliable systems crafted to their specific needs and challenges. To that end, we have developed a proprietary approach:

  • Business Process and Systems Diagnostics (2-3 months)
  • Assessment and Planning of Functional Requirements (3-6 months)
  • Systems implementation and Support (3-12 months)

Current Process and Systems Descriptions

  • Questionnaire: Craft a questionnaire for all distinct processes to quantify and compare their relative labor intensity and provide baseline metrics
  • Current Core Systems Description: Identify all key business systems, including the documentation, forms, reports, etc., that they facilitate
  • Interviews with Staff and Job Description Analysis: Interview each employee and provide a detailed report on specific responsibilities and requisite tasks/processes
  • Data Analysis: what action and information is need to input/output data.

Problems and Recommendations

  • Summarize the issues identified in the Systems Diagnostics phase and outline the proposed solutions

Final Report

  • Includes all the information revealed during the diagnostic service, the functional requirements for the systems to be implemented, as well as recommendations for non-systems based process optimization

Detailed functional requirement document

  • Describe the functional requirements of the system required by the best practices in the market. Which implies all current processes, descriptions of the objects and reporting (to the level of the fields).

Solutions guidelines without systems

  • Develop detailed guidelines and instruction for resolving issues that do not require specialized IT systems

Negotiation and choosing Software systems company

  • Identify necessary IT products and negotiate with potential suppliers to find the best deal

Manage the IT systems partner during systems implementation, with a focus on guarding the interesting of the clients.

Additionally, monitor the following issues:

  • IT service provider fulfillment of existing functional needs
  • System errors and user management (permissions, roles)

Compilation of user instructions and troubleshooting guides, per initial user experience

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