Ana ShalikashviliJunior Associate

Name: Ana Shalikashvili

Position:  Junior Associate

Division: Finance Division

Industries: Tourism, Food Industry, Hospitality


Even when you are choosing a future profession, you might not know exactly where you want your career to continue, in which field or industry. SavvY has given me the chance to work on a variety of projects, which has made me change my perspective on multiple subjects, my view and experience have become more diverse.

Before joining the SavvY team, I had my working experience connected with various companies. But the creative team which qualitatively performs every initiated project has become my chosen one.

About Ana

Ana is doing her MBA at the University of Georgia. She started working at SavvY in 2018 as an intern and was soon promoted to a Junior Associate. Her best quality is the ability to complete any already begun task handed to her. ANA IS HERE TO CHANGE WITH US.


What would you wish to change in the Georgian business environment today and what is your goal?

“I think a major problem in the Georgian business environment is the low rate of development, which is caused by the fact that most companies find it difficult to adjust to a modern business model. Organizations are mostly inclined to set short term plans. Correspondingly, my desire and purpose is to help the manager see the necessity of setting long term strategies and assist organizations working in our industry implement new standards.”

How is working at SavvY helping you achieve these goals?

“Every working day at SavvY starts with exploring something new, which is giving me the opportunity to promptly progress. Being an Associate means being introduced to various industries and working on several projects simultaneously. That helps me get closer to my goal, be successful, and participate in replacing today’s Georgian business reality with an innovative and modern standardized system.”

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