Tamar TsiskarishviliJunior Associate

Name/Surname: Tamar Tsiskarishvili

Position: Junior Associate

Division: Finance Division

Industries: Food Industry, Fast Food, Production, Professional Education



Knowing what you like and what you are good at is essential, to achieve success. Although exploring it is difficult, at an early age.

Being involved in every new project at SavvY, means getting new experience, because none of the projects are alike and all of them require working in different directions. I found out my skills, about which I had no idea before. One of the most important skills I found in myself is a great sense of responsibility and interest about the job I am doing. Working on a project, which is stirring interest in you, on the other hand, means working on a project you believe will be successful.

About Tamar

Tamar is a member of SavvY since 2017. At the early stages she was holding a position of a Project Manager, but then she initiated herself to change her profile and currently is working in a Finance Division as a Junior Associate. TAMAR IS HERE TO CHANGE WITH US.


What would you wish to change in Georgian Business Environment today and what is your goal?

  • There is a huge scarcity of Business Education in Georgian Business Environment today, which includes having key skills, necessary for success in Business. IFRS Standards with all its meanings, guide companies to become competitive and more attractive to the investors, worldwide. Therefore, it is essential to step into International Standards successfully.
  • Besides, plenty of investors are seeking to invest in Georgia, this is why it is important to have Business projects which, on one hand would be innovative and on the other hand adjust with Georgian reality.
  • Nowadays, quite a lot of Natural or Legal Persons in Georgia are starting their own businesses/performing projects without any market researches or creating Business Models in advance. This is exactly why the majority of initiated businesses fail. Existing a “culture” in the country, assuring a businessman or an investor that there is a need of a preliminary business model, is essential.

How working at SavvY is helping you achieve these goals?

I had an opportunity to work with various types of projects at SavvY. One of the first projects I had to work on, was a Fish Market and Restaurant Business plan. Working on the abovementioned project turned out to be very interesting. Because of the fact that the project had to be performed in Batumi, we made a research on Batumi Market, created analysis in different directions and developed a 3-year Business Model, based on almost 50 assumptions. With all of these we helped a particular Business in achieving success and promoted implementing the “culture” of the Business Model and Business Plan necessity.

Besides, in the whole time period while working at SavvY, I am involved in the Finance issues, more specifically, we are assisting various clients in implementing International Financial Reporting Standards. I have my own directions in abovementioned activities, which means, I concentrate only on my issues, I am working on documents and policies, which I share with my colleagues afterwards. This is exactly what we are helping our companies in, we try to share the knowledge, required in abovementioned, with them.

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