Teimuraz ChubinidzeJunior Associate

Name/Surname: Teimuraz Chubinidze

Position:  Junior Associate

Division: Project Management Division, Finance Division

Industries: Medical, Construction, Food, Educational


I think, constantly trying to be responsible and doing every task qulitatively is my best aspect of character as an Associate, working in a Finance Division. Identifying the needs of clients on time and satisfying them as much as possible is essential to get the results we wished.

Working at a SavvY team does not mean being only an employee. New challenges and constant ability of development are what makes the working process more interesting and pleasant. Working with purposeful and result-oriented team gives the opportunity to establish new standards and make existing Business environment better.

 About Teimuraz

Teimuraz graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of Business Administration. He joined the SavvY team in 2017. Hard work, love for the job, constant aspiration of development and detail-orientation is what makes him able to be successful.


What would you wish to change in Georgian Business Environment today and what is your goal?

  • On one hand, there is a long way to go to form a successful Business Environment in our country. Existing powerful institutes, stable legislative regulations and the most importantly, intense culture and traditions of operating business, is essential.
  • On the other hand, more professionals, readiness for new things and hard work are factors that influence the organization’s decision making, strategies, and processes, and at the end, define abilities of Business development in Georgia.

How working at SavvY is helping you achieve these goals?

Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards gives companies the opportunity to make business processes more transparent, and staff of Finance Division to raise their competence in this direction. Creating business plans and helping them perform, means new companies on Georgian market and accordingly, increased Georgian Economy. So forth, implementing International Standards and experience in Georgian reality, leads Georgian Business to International scale.

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