Tinatin DekanoidzeSenior Associate

Name/Last name: Tinatin Dekanoidze

Position: Senior Consultant, Trainer

Department: Financial Division

Education: Agriculture, catering and fast food, medical services, retail and wholesale trade, hotels and restaurants.



I think my best quality is being focused on the results. The fastest and best result is achieved in a progressive working environment with tireless laborand with the people who share your values ​​till the end.

I have been employed in Savvy since 2017. Before that I changed my workplaces quickly, however, I do not need this because being an employee at SavvY team means development and advancement. Team here works with shared goals and work ethic, which allows us to get great results and change the existing business environment in Georgia.


About Tinatin

Tinatin is a graduate of Business Management Faculty of International Black Sea University. She started working at Savvy on the position of Junior Consultant in 2017. Her position changed twice while working at SavvY: she was the consultant at first, and  now she is the senior consultant. At the same time, she is a trainer of Savvy Education. Tinatin is distinguished with diligence and purposefulness. Tinatin Changes with Us.


What do you want to change in today’s business environment and what is your goal?


  • Acceleration of business growth rate in the country;
  • Simplify the work processes for existing professionals;
  • Create a prospective environment for future professionals;
  • Improve quality of work;
  • Being an entrepreneur to create a business environment where less error is allowed when making business decisions, less financial and human resources are spent;
  • Help as much as possible to the company to reveal the potential to appear in the international arena.

How does SavvY help you achieve these goals? 

By IFRS implementation service, our clients do their job more effectively than before. fixing financial accounting plays a major role in making right managerial decisions. In addition, we simplify the working process of the professionals by conducting trainings. The IFRS implementation in companies means increased interest of the investors and financing sources. On the other hand, with the Business Plan service, we help investors to get right business decisions. Overall through our services we are speeding up the ongoing events in our country and changes come faster.

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