SavvY’s values are rooted entirely in respect and personal development. We see SavvY as more than just an organization – we see it as a movement. We aim to change the standards of professionalism and human relations within Georgia and beyond. Our ambition is to be a leader in the country and the region, not only in finance, strategy, and processes consulting, but also in human development – of respect, relations, and skills. We seek to connect people who from an early age have been concerned with the development of the country, are ambitious to further it, and are wanting to help take SavvY’s unique approach across the country and beyond.

Without skill and determination, ambition is a waste of energy. Therefore, at SavvY we pursue constant learning and growth; we do not allow ourselves to be complacent. We seek to share our enthusiasm with our clients, partners, and all who share our values. Diligence, positivity, goal-orientation, and passion are what SavvY seeks. We believe that fundamentally, each person is self-employed – for that reason we see the success of the organization as a personal success. We are proud of SavvY’s success, which belongs entirely to the members of SavvY’s Dream Team.

Minimum requirements for our Dream Team:
  • A desire to get the job done, regardless of who gets the recognition or reward (a rare feature of successful people)
  • A willingness to break with stereotypes and adopt a global, ambitious mindset
  • A constant pursuit of perfection (in speech, negotiation, body language, empathy, professionalism and energy)
  • Curiosity, humility and the ability to see the best in everyone; we seek to learn from everyone and our ambition should never be an impediment to respectful interaction)
  • A desire to learn to change

open positions

Job Posting TitleLocationDepartmentDate
Internship in IFRS divisionTbilisi, GeorgiaEfficiency DepartmentSeptember 4, 2019
Internship in business development divisionSeptember 22, 2020
Consultant in Funding divisionTbilisi, GeorgiaFinance DivisionJanuary 22, 2020
Intern in funding directionTbilisi, GeorgiaFinance DivisionJanuary 24, 2020
Associate in Business Plan DivisionTbilisi, GeorgiaBusiness Plan DivisionSeptember 4, 2019
Senior Associate in IFRS DivisionTbilisi, GeorgiaIFRS DivisionAugust 9, 2019
Associate in Financial DivisionTbilisi, GeorgiaIFRS DivisionJune 19, 2019
Internship in Valuation DivisionTbilisi, GeorgiaValuation DivisionMarch 5, 2019
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