Challenges in sales and recommendations from JSC SavvY team

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country, many measures have been taken, including restricting movement in the streets, which affects production sales.

The best way to keep your business running at this critical time is to switch to online sales. Of course, in this situation, quick adaptation is the top priority.

The Bank of Georgia’s project “Adapter” helps businesses to digitalize their products and services in the fastest way possible (Adapter). It will assist businesses in online sales as well as in inventory management, distribution, logistics, and banking.

In modern reality, it is easier to switch to operating online, because there are plentiful resources for this.

  1. A) Facebook – It is easy to say that one of the best ways to sell a product online is to create a Facebook page and post the photos of the product there. After the sale, it is also possible to offer no contact delivery service to the customers.
  2. B) Glovo/Wolt – A lot of people today order pizza or other items through these apps, so it’s a great way to attract customers, increase popularity and sell products in the period of the pandemic.
  3. C) Representatives of small and medium businesses (SMEs) can place their products on the following platforms and, subsequently, manage the sales. NidoVendoo ; GE ; Extra
  4. D) Online store – TBC Bank has allowed businesses to easily and quickly set up an online store in just 3 days (link). Also, if the business is one of the first customers, the service will not be charged by TBC until the end of 2020.
  5. E) It is also possible to create an online store in the quickest way with the help of many other companies, such as: b2coshop ; adsource ; blh
  6. F) Another popular way to sell online is to have a website. Different discounts for the customers are presented there as well, which makes the product more attractive. If the company does not yet have its own website, then it can be created using the service of the companies such as: IRISsamsiani and many more.

If a company, for some reason, is unable to move its services online, it can still maintain communication with the customers.

Bank of Georgia and TBC provide an opportunity for businesses to ask their clients for help in the form of vouchers, which is very important at this time (Argacherde) (TBC4u). The voucher system implies that the clients transfer the money to help the desired restaurant and then receive a voucher that they can use after reopening the restaurant. This is a great way for businesses to stay afloat today and also to maintain popularity and communication with their customers.

It is also possible to engage in various Facebook and Instagram activities so that the company is not forgotten by the existing customer base and can attract some new ones.