Black Angus Bull Farm

Business Planning & Financial Modeling for Black Angus Bull Farm

At the end of 2017, SavvY prepared a business plan for a private client. The main purpose of the plan was to determine the demand for the Aberdeen-Angus cattle breed steak on the Georgian market, to provide their transportation from abroad, and to arrange a recipient farm. Additionally, communication with private and public institutions to attract resources was provided.
        During SavvY’s consultation services, favourable and unfavourable conditions for business development in Georgia were assessed based on a PESTEL analysis. After that, the product was studied in detail and its supply and demand were determined according to the Georgian market. Then we defined the target market, where steak should be positioned and who were the main market competitors. Finally, a detailed financial model was prepared where various scenarios were discussed, after which the project was evaluated positively and implementation began. Using the business plan, it was possible to receive a bank loan, with the interest financed by the Enterprise Georgia project. Also, within the project, the government handed over the land on which the farm was built to the client.

Business Plan for Meat Processing Factory

During June 2019, SavvY developed a business plan for meat processing factory. In addition, our team made meat market research in Georgia and depending on market trends, created particular concept for a factory. Also SavvY developed financial model, which provides information about raw materials purchases and includes potential sales assumptions. As a result, client was provided by a detailed business plan document.

Otar Kobakhidze
Business Plan