Sairme Resort

During May-June 2017 a business plan was prepared for Sairme Resort LLC which evaluated hospitality investment prospects in Sairme, Georgia. As part of our consulting services, SavvY conducted the following:


  • Deep and comprehensive research of the hospitality market
  • Two site visits to the resort with the aim of studying its profile, including hotel, clinic, and spa centre potential
  • Competitor analysis, incorporating 7 major competitive hotels
  • Six focus group discussions consisting of former resort guests as well as tour agencies
  • Research of international hotel and wellness & spa operator/consultancy companies with specific balneological resort experience; different criteria were used in respect to Sairme Resort and, after presenting the best operators, a 3 week negotiation outlining financial, operational, and conceptual terms
  • All  quantitative and qualitative data acquired was translated into a 10 year financial model based on more than 25 assumptions and including several stress scenarios for business profitability, investment payback and overall feasibility.
Sairme Resort
May-June 2017
Business Plan