Ready-to-eat and semi-finished food production

In September-December 2019, SavvY prepared a business plan for developing a central kitchen focused on the ready-to-eat and the semi-finished food. Throughout the project, the team investigated the HoReCa and FMCG sectors, the main target markets for the central kitchen, and assessed the potential demand for the ready-to-eat and semi-finished food. The market investigation included secondary research, statistical data analysis, as well as primary research, face to face interviews with the sector representatives. On top of that, the team explored direct competitors operating on the local market, assessed their concept, pricing strategy, strength and weaknesses, and their current financial position. By exploring several international practices and understanding the specifics of the commercial kitchen, the team came up with the business concepts describing the business model, emphasizing the competitive advantage of the project and the further development potential for the commercial kitchen. As for the financial model, the team developed a unique technique that describes how added value is created through existing production lines.

Private investor
Business Plan