Georgian Spirit Company

In August 2019, SavvY prepared a business plan for fruit brandy, the client company being LTD “Georgian Spirit Company”.  The company is located in the village called “Mzisguli”, in the municipality of Sagarejo, Kakheti. During the project, SavvY’s team compiled research on the alcohol market in Georgia and  studied the local market of alcoholic beverages as wells as potential export markets. SavvY also prepared a business concept and created a seven year financial model. Within the framework of the project, SavvY visited the company and was introduced to the manufacturing process. From October 2019, Savvy has been responsible for managing LTD “Georgian Spirit Company” for 2 years and as a result SavvY has been actively engaged in every important decision-making process. 

LTD Georgian Spirit Company
August 2019
Business Planning & Financial Modeling