Jo Ann Medical Center


In 2019, SavvY’s valuation team carried out the classification and inventory of the fixed assets of NNLE Jo Ann Medical Center.  The project consisted of several components, including: the identification of the supplies of the Nuclear Medicine Center, the inventory of fixed assets and the adjustment of the registry.

The valuation department processed the physical inspection of the fixed assets, reconciled the lists of fixed assets on the balance sheet and identified redundancies and losses.

SavvY’s team compiled a list of the fixed assets in the inventory which was made available to the entities listed in the financial program, as well as a register of fixed assets in accordance with IFRS standards, which resulted in the arrangement of fixed assets conforming to international financial accounting standards.

The valuation team of SavvY  identified supplies and also assessed compliance between physically available and programmable units.

IFRS Implementation

Jo Ann Medical Centre began operating on September 16, 1996 as a paediatric heart surgery clinic. Today, the centre performs a variety of cardiac surgeries, as well as treatment of acute and chronic aortic surgery for patients of any age. The successful operation of the Cardiac Department offers a full range of diagnoses and treatments of cardiac arrhythmias. In 2019, SavvY implemented the following services: Full Diagnostics and Implementation of IFRS for SMEs. Deriving from the company’s specific business activities the most critical elements were Property Plant and Equipment, Loans and Inventories.

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