Ceramics of Metekhi

LTD “Ceramics of Metekhi” is located in district of Kaspi and its main activity is production of ceramic building material. At this stage company is manufacturing 5 types of production: bricks, double bricks, fence blocks SB 2.5, ceramic blocks B4, ceramic blocks B5.

In 2015 SavvY team fully implemented IFRS standards in LTD Ceramics of Metekhi. Due to the fact that the company manufactures 5 types of production, inventory of all 5 production is always available on the factory territory – because of this, implementation of inventory was one of the most important issues. At the same time, PPE (Property plant and equipment) and Revenue Recognition was implemented. During 2 months Savvy team together with the company management were making a deep analysis of each topic and as a result the done works were implemented and for each topic a politic document was created.  

LTD “Ceramics of Metekhi”
IFRS Implementation