Ceramics of Metekhi

Ceramics of Metekhi Ltd is located in the district of Kaspi and its main activity is production of ceramic building materials. The company is currently manufacturing 5 types of products: bricks, double bricks, fence blocks SB 2.5, ceramic blocks B4 and ceramic blocks B5.

In 2015 SavvY’s team fully implemented IFRS for  Ceramics of Metekhi Ltd. Due to the fact that the company manufactures 5 different types of products,  an inventory of each one is always available on the factory premises and as a result, accurate inventory taking was one of the most important issues. At the same time, PPE (Property, Plant and Equipment) and Revenue Recognition were taken into account. During a two month period, Savvy’s team, together with the company management, made a thorough analysis of each sector and for each the appropriate documents were created.

LTD “Ceramics of Metekhi”
IFRS Implementation