CFO outsourcing

CFO Outsourcing

In May 2020, JSC SavvY started a 2-year partnership with Caucasus Business School Ltd in CFO Outsourcing and Business Process Optimization. As part of the project, SavvY reviewed the financial and operational processes of the school, developed an action plan, and worked with company representatives to implement it. In particular, JSC Savvy prepared the financial statements of the past period of the school, forecasted 1-year budget was also prepared, budget planning and control mechanisms were introduced, Caucasus Business School’s  financial team was recruited, financial processes and relevant control mechanisms were introduced (procurement, debtors and creditors management, cash flow). By working closely with company representatives, the school has successfully met the pandemic crisis and is preparing for the new school year.

Caucasus Business School LTD
31.04.2020 - 31.04.2022
CFO Outsourcing