Financial Literacy TA

Financial Literacy TA

JSC SavvY participated in the ENTAFI program initiated by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2019 with the objective to promote responsible financial inclusion of lower income populations in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and to support economic growth, reduce poverty and encourage entrepreneurship across the region.

The programme was implemented by AFC – Agriculture and Finance Consultants along three components: 1) training for financial institutions with a focus on credit risk management as well as on banking and administrative risk management; 2) capacity building for selected financial institutions; and 3) support to micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) with a focus on financial literacy, managerial capacity, and entrepreneurial skills.

As part of this program, the SavvY team developed a handbook: “Grow Your Business: From Idea to Financing”. The aim of the guidebook is to support small entrepreneurs working in the wine and agro-tourism sector to achieve their goals and expand their business. Issues are discussed that will help the entrepreneur to develop own business from the idea and improve access to finance. To this end, the guidebook covers business plan development, business strategy development, preparation of financial statements for financial decision, and access to finance chapters.

In addition, the SavvY team conducted trainings on the above issues for the representatives of small wineries in western Georgia; developed a training manual for trainers and retrained trainers so that they could lead the course in the future.

Agriculture and Finance Consultants (AFC)
01.03.2021 - 15.07.2021
Financial Literacy TA