Business Design Sprint

Why you need this service?

It is crucially important for the business to be agile and make fast strategic decisions so that all existent challenges are taken into account.

This service will definitely serve your company’s needs if you:

  • Wish to evaluate your company’s new business idea or solve the current challenge;
  • Want to make strategic decisions in short period of time with controllable budget;
  • Want to implement team based and transparent decision making process.

How we do it?

Our approach is based on the well acknowledged Design Sprint methodology which is originated from Google Ventures. This is the successful methodology based on which western companies make strategic decisions with their teams and  with relatively low costs.

What we offer?

We offer to run a sprint in your company for the specific challenge or new business ideas that you have at that time.  Your company’s team will take active role in the Sprint ad all the decisions made during the Sprint will be solely derived from your company. Furthermore, the sprint methodology will be implemented in your company which enables you to run sprints independently in the future.

how can we help you?

Contact us at our office or submit a business inquiry online.