Business Development

Why you need this service?

Often a business at different stages of operation finds that does not have sufficient resources or for various reasons fails to achieve the set goals, which hinders business development. If you plan to start a business and want to develop a strategy, structure, processes and operations; If you already have a business and want to see the full picture, if you need to refine and improve processes / operations in one or all structural units; If you think your company is in crisis and you need a new strategy; or If you have a successful business and want to expand- then this service is for you.

How we do it?

SavvY team, made up of experts from different industries, uses various approaches according to the needs of the company. Our main goal is to help you in business management so that your requirements are taken into account. Consequently, the work process actively comprises the involvement of your existing team and top management. In addition, our approach involves analysing information and processes and operations diagnostic; preparation of key policy documents and introduction of institutionalization; drawing up a strategic and action plan and preparing the company budget; identifying responsible persons and writing assignments; Initiate workshops and, the most importantly, monitor performance.

What we offer?

Business development service includes work of SavvY team in a variety of areas within the company to ensure the company grows, overcomes challenges and achieves set goals. Listed below are the key areas of business development services, however one or more of these areas may be performed tailored to the client’s needs.

We offer services in the following areas:

how can we help you?

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We will help you to implement the reporting mechanism and systematize the development of transparent, timely and understandable financial information, that top management needs daily for decision making. And most importantly, the policies and management documents and mechanisms developed by the SavvY team will help you automate your financial management process so that you can generate information in the future without our involvement.

we will help you to develop an effective organizational structure; recruiting a qualified team; implementing a flexible management system and distributing responsibilities both, when starting a business and during personnel and structural changes in the company

SavvY team will work on developing sales channels and help you find new markets, potential partners and customers.

Based on the strategic goals of the business, we will help you in correct product positioning, which includes developing a communication plan, creation a brand positioning strategy and mobilizing internal or external resources to implement the marketing strategy.

The SavvY team examines business processes and operations to identify existing risk areas and help you develop control mechanisms. Process and operations optimization involves cost control, systematization, and improvement to increase company efficiency.

Team management platform Time SavvY helps management to monitor, measure, and, consequently, evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork. It helps the team members to improve their performance, become more efficient, improve their time management skills, which ultimately guarantees career opportunities.

The Time SavvY functionality allows you to:

  • Record work assignments and relevant time by each employee
  • Account for vacations and holidays
  • Automaticallycalculateeach employee’s work time in terms of tasks, projects, departments
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Transform each employee’s working time into expenses according to salary and redistribute tasks, projects and departments
  • Measure employee productivity and plan their development

A strategic plan gives a clear path for achieving goals and objectives. Our qualified team together with your top management will outline the strategic goals and objectives of the company and work out the steps needed to achieve them. A clearly defined mission and goals that will be supported by the entire team of the company, while being perceptible to external stakeholders, make clear the basis for the success of the company.