Business Diagnostics

Why you need this service?

Business diagnostics service involves revealing risks and problems in the company, identifying their areas of impact, and making relevant recommendations. If you are wondering if the company is experiencing any crisis? Does the company have more capabilities than it seems and can it function better? Or if investors are interested in the current state and results of the company and you want to prepare a report – then this service is for you. Business diagnostics service involves checking the functioning of the company, finding links between the causes and consequences of failures.

How we do it?

The approaches and methodologies used during the work process within this service are constantly changing, taking into account the complexity and scale of the company, customer requirements, industry specifics and product / service characteristics. Our approach includes desk research, analysis of existing documents and reports, meetings with the company team and face-to-face interviews, interviews with top management, market analysis. Our advantage is the use of modern and innovative methods of desk research to obtain complete and result-oriented information.

What we offer?

Each project takes into account the requirements of the client, resulting in the ability to create a unique document. Consequently, not all projects may meet the same criteria, although business diagnostics services mainly consist of the following components:

how can we help you?

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a detailed study of the organizational structure and job descriptions in the company. A well-organized organizational structure allows the company to better set priorities and make decisions easily.

analysis of financial statements, income and cost structure, financial ratios. Through this, management and investors can better see the financial condition of the company and outline future plans.

Analyzes all customer contact points to check that they are functioning properly, which also includes checking customer satisfaction. This allows the company to see the customer’s attitude towards its services / products.

A detailed analysis of the company’s processes and the causes of the crisis, calculating and analyzing the non-financial ratios of the relevant industry. This better reflects the current state and future capabilities of the company;

Identify the customer segment, study their relationship and identify the company’s market positioning characteristics that will allow the company to diversify;

discovering sales channels, offering possible ways to sell products, which will allow the company to expand;

Market analysis analysis of the general situation in the market in the context of the relevant industry, demand analysis, competition analysis. Company will be able to see the current position in the market and then always be ready for new challenges in order to offer a competitive service / product;

Analyze existing business visions and suggest ways to improve that will enable the company to overcome ongoing crises and streamline processes.

As a result, the SavvY team will provide you with recommendations, and simulations of the results when recommendations are taken into account which will be presented in the form of a report. If necessary, the final document may include an exit strategy.