Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

Business Plan Service Overview

SavvY Consulting’s Business Plan service offers entrepreneurs, investors, and existing businesses a clear, simple framework for:

  • vetting existing business opportunity feasibility
  • designing a business concept and execution plan
  • modelling the opportunity investment and ROI

We realize that not every business plan requires every element of our framework. For this reason, SavvY can adapt an approach depending on our clients’ needs, time constraints, and budget.

The SavvY Advantage

SavvY Consulting’s Business Planning practice benefits from the collective experience of our team, including serial entrepreneurs, research specialists, and experts in the field of financial modelling and planning. We bring these backgrounds together to:

  • refine client ideas and strategies, making them more viable based on market data
  • challenge assumptions, and fill in the logical gaps
  • crystalize competitive differentiation, target markets, and plan for business scaling
  • express your concept in a compelling manner for banks, partners, co-investors, and potential clients

The SavvY Approach

Each Business Plan from SavvY Consulting is unique – we do not take a cookie cutter approach. With that said, our logical framework for thinking about a business relies on

  • a fundamental understanding of the market and value chain in which the idea will compete, including customers, competitors, tangential actors, and the forces that define their interactions
  • the segmentation of supply on the market, differentiating offers, and identifying the drivers of competitive advantage
  • the segmentation of demand: assessing the varying drivers of demand, the unique customer types that constitute the demand, and a relative assessment of the volume of demand from differing customer profiles
  • concept crystallization, informed by a quantitative assessment of mismatches in supply and demand
  • rigorous financial modelling to bare out the viability of a given idea

What’s Included

Every plan is tailored to the specific needs of the client, and so can vary in the depth and breadth of the work included, but as a rule of thumb, our business plans will always include:

  • An executive Summary: A 1-2 page summary of the business idea, including the opportunity it seeks to take advantage of, the solution it offers, and the key findings and implications of the planning process
  • Market research, identifying and quantifying the market, including customers and competitors, as well as inherent risks
  • A business concept and model
  • Financial plan and scenario forecasting, made with the help of a flexible model

How We Do It

  • Initial discussions to identify full scope of client needs
  • Existing material review
  • Engagement scope and fees assessment
  • In-depth interviews to understand the business idea
  • Conduct additional research to fill in all analytical gaps and vet potential risks
  • Develop/refine business concept and agree on the big picture
  • Flesh out the nuts-and-bolts details of how the business will be brought to life and operate
  • Identify the variables most decisive to business viability, and model a wide range of possible contingencies
  • Finalize all deliverables, including presentations, reports and models
  • Provide ongoing support as needed
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