CFO Outsource

Why you need this service?

The position of Financial Director often referred to as the CFO, plays an important role in business, with the responsibility of correctly interpreting, planning, analyzing, and implementing financial goals.

If you want to make better decisions toward optimal growth, strategically plan cash flows, make substantial financial and investment decisions and prepare financial statements in compliance with the IFRS to increase the company’s increase credibility of the company for institutional or private investors – then this service is for you.

How we do it?

CFO Outsource is our team of financial experts (it can be one person or a team of people) who will support your company in making strategic financial and investment decisions and managing the company’s finances for a certain period.

The main advantages that CFO Outsource has are lower costs, increased availability, and more flexibility and mobilization of more expertise. In addition, since CFO Outsources are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, they can re-examine the company figures and objectively assess their financial condition.

What we offer?

The role of CFO Outsource in the company is as follows:

  • Track and periodically update the company’s financial performance
  • Support in budgeting
  • Compile and share financial forecasts
  • Review the company KPI and adjust if necessary
  • Outline future growth plans
  • Evaluate and review financial statements, identify gaps in financial accounting and find effective ways to address them
  • Prepare company accounting policies and compile internal documents
  • Make recommendations to improve the financial situation
  • Financial modeling in terms of projects: evaluation of investment feasibility, analyze alternative scenarios of project development, and sensitivity analysis
  • Support in developing an optimal funding structure.

CFO Outsource can be implemented in the context of projects and the company’s monthly service, and the duration depends on the time required to achieve the goals.

how can we help you?

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