Digital Strategy and Transformation

Digital Strategy and Transformation Service Overview

The role of technology in business is growing and becoming more significant day by day. Digital strategy and its effective implementation has become one of the most important factors in determining success of the company. As a result, there is a higher demand towards companies regarding creating their strategy for digital transformation.

Digital Strategy and Transformation Service enables companies to improve their business models through implementing different digital tools and solutions. It ensures organizational flexibility, enables cost cutting and as a result increases the competitiveness of the company.

Our service offers companies an opportunity to plan digital transformation in one or more directions mentioned below:

  • Business processes and operations
  • Human resource management
  • Customer relations management
  • Business analytics

SavvY Advantage

Our main advantage lies within your vision that in order to succeed in digitalization, company needs to deeply analyze its needs and opportunities and create detailed change management process based on them. The factors that ensure successful execution of our vision are:

  • The experiences of our team members in managing digitalization and change management processes in different industries
  • Deep knowledge of ongoing technological trends and expertise in business operations of multiple industries
  • Partnership with top technology companies, that offer the most relevant and effective solutions on the market

Savvy Approach

Our approach and methodology united deep analysis of the industry, utilizing global best case practices and matching them with company needs and requirements. This approach enables us to:

  • Set digital strategy and transformation vision tailored to the company
  • Run an accurate analysis of the company’s digital capabilities and assess the gaps
  • Forecast financial implications of digital transformation
  • Plan detailed change management process addressing different stakeholders
  • Set key performance indicators for the process that will enable tracking of the implementation process
  • Create company digital policy aligned to digital strategy
  • Support clients in the process of implementation


We realize that not every company requires every element of the Digital Strategy and Transformation service. For this reason, SavvY can adapt its approach depending on client needs, time constraints, and budget.



  • Research about industry trends and best case practices
  • Analyzing and mapping out the structure, processes and operations of the company
  • Identifying the need of additional digital functions
  • Creating and assessing different scenarios of digitalization


  • Priority assessment and decision making
  • Creating detailed change management plan for transformation
  • Financial planning
  • Defining key performance indicators for the implementation process


  • Creating Company’s Digital Policy
  • Training of relevant stakeholders
  • Support in communicating and negotiating with technology service providers
  • Monitoring the process and giving relevant recommendations in the implementation process
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