Financial Advisory

Why you need this service?

Complete, timely and correct financial information is crucial for any business to serve as the starting point for all important business decisions. High quality financial management can be achieved by well operating internal procedures as well as highly qualified employees.  Our goal is to support you to receive and to maintain high quality financial information. As a result, your company will be financially more stable and stronger.

This service will definitely serve your company’s needs if you:

  • Wish to analyze the financial processes and procedures;
  • Want to implement managerial reporting which will provide you with the transparent and timely financial information;
  • Want to implement IFRS and prepare IFRS compliant financial statements;
  • Wish to get advice regarding your current financial issues/cases.

How we do it?

Our approach is based on the SavvY’s internally developed unique methodology which enables the development of the company’s financial division staff as well as it supports the development of financial procedures and the fundamental risk analysis. With the implementation of the new policies completed, we assist management with monitoring and auditing of the new procedures and their effectiveness.

What we offer?

The service includes the following 5 main components. Nevertheless, based on the client’s needs, it is possible to choose one or more component or add additional elements to the scope.

how can we help you?

Contact us at our office or submit a business inquiry online.

The service includes the diagnostics of the company’s financial processes, risk assessment as well as training of the relevant employees. During this service we analyze the existent financial practices and policies and benchmark these policies against IFRS. In case of any discrepancies, we offer the company the detailed plan on successful implementation of the IFRS.

It is very important for the shareholders and managers to constantly monitor the financial information which reflects the company’s needs as well as overall industry trends. During this service our team will create and implement the managerial reporting template which will help you to receive high quality financial information anytime. During this service we actively use technology to make the managerial reporting forms as user friendly as possible for the shareholders and managers.

Given a specific implementation guideline, we start the implementation procedures in the company resulting in new recognition and measurement criteria as well as sufficient and appropriate IFRS compliant policies

We prepare the financial statements which consists of the main financial statements as well as notes, such as: company background information, the basis of preparation, accounting policies overview, etc.

With IFRS compliant procedures and policies in place, we begin to monitor how effectively the financial organization is internalizing the new way of doing business. Furthermore, we assist the company with consultations during their current financial issues.