Why you need this service?

Finding the right source of funding and negotiating with financial institutions, investors and funds are crucial, but cumbersome aspects of keeping any modern business on the move. If you need to design the optimal funding structure, prepare an investment teaser, present or represent your company to potential investors, devise an exit plan, and need support by realizing these plans – then this service is for you. Our service offers entrepreneurs, investors, and existing businesses a clear, simple framework for viable capital raise options.

How we do it?

We bring to our clients unrivaled transaction and integration expertise, deep industry knowledge, a global network cultivated over the course of years. We act as a platform who analysis the information flow of all possible financing alternatives in permanent manner. We work across all funding types in Georgia, including debt, state grants and private equity funds and we will support you by finding the right way for funding your business.

What we offer?

Our service includes but not limits to prepare all necessary documentation for making strategic decision such as, share issue, takeovers, spinoffs, recapitalization, rising the state grants or debt capital. We realize that every business requires a special approach. For this reason, SavvY can adapt
the approach depending on clients’ needs, time constraints and budget. Fundraising service includes:

how can we help you?

Contact us at our office or submit a business inquiry online.

Purpose of designing an optimal finding structure is to prepare your company for different financial challenges. Investment offer (teaser) provides investor a clear view of the targeted company’s financial situation and investment needs and helps them to make an Initial finance decision and to enter in deal negotiations.

Fundraising involves raising additional capital in the form of the loan or/and from the equity institutions – private investors, banks, investment funds, and government or donor organizations.

Our involvement in the negotiation process with potential investors will help you to clearly and substantially present your company’s investment opportunities. We will present your investment offer to potential investors and we will be on your side in the negotiation process. Our team
experience in communicating with potential investors and knowledge of the rules of the game in equity transactions will help us to optimally achieve your business interests.

We will help you to get the most benefit from Introducing a new shareholder to the business. We will analyze the optimal opportunities for bringing in a new investor/shareholder, find a potential shareholder and prepare all the necessary documentation. We will work with you to determine the targets of the exit or expansion strategy.

We help ensure that investors maximize returns by preparing for exit, identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing the selling documents and prequalifying buyers. Set a target for exit through the leveraged buyout, partial exit, or M&A