Merger & Acquisition

Why you need this service?

Merger & Acquisition is the best way for your company’s quick development and growth. If you need deal generation, Due Diligence for prudent decision making, identification of the company’s fundamental value, generation of M&A options – then our services is for you. Within our services, SavvY offers you an expert opinions about financial transactions and business combinations.

How we do it?

We bring to our clients unrivaled transaction and integration expertise, deep industry knowledge and a network cultivated over the course of years. SavvY serves as a catalyst for positive change by helping our clients navigate and capitalize on the transformational forces affecting the global industry. We study and analyze industrial trends in permanent manner to reveal optimal Merger & acquisition opportunities and to support you by realization of these
opportunities. SavvY’s sole focus is to deliver impartial high value, independent advice based on the best interest of our clients.

What we offer?

Savvy advises clients on a broad array of strategic alternatives including fundraising, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, spinoffs and recapitalization.
In close cooperation with your company our team acts as your partner by achieving your growth goals. Our team will conduct the business valuation, express an opinion about share allocation by M&A operation; carry out the Due Diligence process; reveal the possible synergy effects and support you by successful completion of M&A deal so that these causes minimal inconvenience to the team and processes of the businesses involved in the transaction.
We realize that every business requires a special approach. For this reason, SavvY can adapt the approach depending on clients’ needs, time constraints and budget. We offer services in the following areas:

how can we help you?

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We work alongside sell and buy side to develop the right investment thesis and enhance deal flow by profiling industries, screening targets and devising a plan to approach targets.

As part of the M&A process our team will expose the growth drivers of companies involved in the transaction and conduct their fundamental valuation. Fundamental valuation is based on accounting information and on fundamental risk analysis.

We will help you to make better deal decisions by performing financial due diligence, assessing revenue growth and cost-reduction opportunities and determine a target’s full potential and providing a clear view of the targeted company’s Value and Risk profile. We Carries out the financial due diligence thorough comprehensive analysis of all needed documentation and financial information of the target businesses.

Based on Due diligence, business diagnostic and company valuation we express our fairness opinions regarding the buy/sell side deal. The purpose of the fairness opinion is to provide selling/buying shareholders with an objective third-party analysis of the deal’s fairness – what is better the total exit, the financial restructuring with the purpose to move the company on the next stage; the partial exit to invite an minor shareholder who will provide the capital inflow and ensure the following growth.