Companies operating in the business sector require valuation services for sales operations as well as for financial and tax reporting and for a conclusion of rental agreements.

We continually keep track of changes in regulations and international standards in order to take into account the requirements of the regulatory and legal environment during the valuation process.

It is essential to reflect actual values of assets and liabilities since it helps companies:

  • In their relationship with banks
  • In negotiations with investors
  • During interaction with tax agencies
  • In monitoring the results of their activities

Valuation Service Overview

SavvY provides unbiased and independent services in two areas:

  1. Valuation of tangible and intangible assets in accordance with international valuation standards (IVS)
  • Valuation of immovable property
  • Valuation of movable property
  • Business valuation


  1. Management of registrar of property, plant and equipment
  • Physical identification of property, plant, and equipment
  • Classification of property, plant, and equipment in accordance with IFRS
  • Identification of useful life period for property, plant, and equipment in accordance with internationally recognized practices, considering concerns of customers

Depending on the goals and characteristics of the company, all the above-mentioned services might not be required, therefore we will develop an offer which will best meet the needs and requirements of each individual company.

The SavvY Approach

Our team members have intensively provided valuation services since 2010. We have comprehensive experience in valuation, PP&E and inventory counting, and arrangement of registrars. We have implemented projects in various sectors, including construction and development, the pharmaceutical industry, retail and wholesale trade, hotel and catering services and the medical sector. Our knowledge in various industries helps us to define how market trends affect values.

It is important for us to thoroughly evaluate a company’s assets and conduct thorough analyses of the available information. In consideration of the actual situation and through coordination with the company management, we develop individual optimal approaches.


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For valuation of tangible and intangible assets, we identify assets to be valued and the purpose of valuation, conduct tangible and intangible asset market research, and perform data processing and cost estimation using selected methods and approaches. All the above-stated help us to prepare the valuation report in strict compliance with international valuation standards (IVS).

To evaluate the business, we study company-owned assets and liabilities individually, evaluate their possible influence on profitability and lucrativeness, conduct an analysis of the business environment to identify capabilities and limitations of the company; we identify the value of the business by assessing the capability of incoming and outgoing cash flow generation.

The physical identification of property, plant, and equipment allows a company to achieve full awareness of their physical condition and location of its assets.

Also, after completion of the process, the company will have information on any nonconformities between the balance sheet and actual assets (excess/lack) and will be provided with the guidance regarding assets to be entered into the balance sheet or to be written off.

As a part of the provided service, our team identifies property, plant, and equipment individually and organizes everything by class and category considering their qualitative and functional characteristics. Total and remaining useful life periods are identified based on each item of property, plant, and equipment.