Tinatin SisauriCR Manager, Training Center Manager

Name: Tinatin Sisauri

Position: Chief operating officer



10 years of working in the business sector has shown me that for a company to thrive it is crucial for the employees to trust each other and strive for mutual success. At SavvY we share a common goal:  to try to solve the problems that exist in the business environment today.

I am the manager of the training centre. In my opinion, in order to make a change, it is essential to be the best at your job. “Learn to Change”, this is our motto. I believe that learning and making positive changes is possible for everyone, regardless of their age.


About Tinatin

Tinatin has worked at SavvY since February 2018. She has more than 3 years of experience in this field. Being energetic, communicative and responsible are her best qualities. TIKO IS HERE TO CHANGE WITH US.


What would you wish to change in business environment today and what is your goal?

I think that the root of every problem in the Georgian business environment is the lack of education. We face this problem on a regular basis at every level. This is the reason for one of my biggest desires: to raise the level of education so that all business decisions are made conscientiously, based on knowledge and experience.

How is working at SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

SavvY runs a learning centre which assists employees within the business sector to improve their education and qualifications. My role in this  enables me to achieve the goals mentioned in the previous question.

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