Irakli Mogeladze

Irakli MogeladzeIntern

Name: Irakli Mogeladze

Position: Intern

Divison:Business development, Business plan

Industries: Manufacturing


 SavvY is a company where everyday something is changing and becoming better. As soon as I started working in this company, I have been involved in many projects, which will have a positive impact on my profesional development. I am working with a team which is friendly, motivated and has modern business views. It is important to develop in rigtht direction from an early age. SavvY helps me with that.

About Irakli

Irakli is a second-year student at the Business and technology university at the faculty of Business Administration. He started working at SavvY in august 2020, currently he is on intern position. Irakli is here to change with us.


What would you wish to change in the business environment today and what is your goal?

I would expand financial support for young enterpreneurs and in part help with realisation of product. I would promote Technological development which will save people’s time.

How is working at SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

SavvY gives opportynity to be part of changes , which changes current business to better side.

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