Nino LabadzeSenior associate

Name: Nino Labadze

Position:  Senior Associate

Division: Financial Division

Industries:  Production, construction, trade, tourism and various services


 A person needs to constantly work on his/her personal development. Working at Savvy means being continuously motivated, a team player and developing individual skills. 

As a result of working for different organizations, I have discovered that, for a business to be successful, it is important to have a friendly working environment. For me, Savvy is a family where I spend my time with a successful and creative team

About Nino

Nino has a Master’s degree in Financial Accounting and Auditing, graduating from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Her work experience includes 6 years of accounting, financial services and tax auditing. Nino is here to change with us.


What do you want to change in today’s business environment and what is your goal?

Reliability and credibility are very important factors in the business sector, which are achieved through high standards in financial accounting, reporting, social responsibility, business ethics and other areas.  My goal is to contribute to setting high standards for businesses using my professional skills and experience. I believe that the introduction of IFRS by businesses into their daily operations and activities is indeed an important determinant of setting a high level of trustworthiness and reliability in the sector.

How is working for SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

Working for Savvy has given me valuable experience and the necessary skills to be a qualified professional, even more able to accomplish my goals.

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