Ana AkopashviliSenior Associate

Name: Ana Akopashvili

Position:  Senior Associate

Division: Project Management

Industries: Tourism, Agriculture, Power Engineering


Ever since I started my job at SavvY, I have gotten involved in completely different projects, which has greatly benefited  my professional development as well as maintaining an interesting dynamic in the working process.

Every single project I have ever worked on till today, has been a new source of information and an opportunity to learn more and keep myself in the loop.


About Ana

Ana started working at SavvY in 2018. She has a Master’s Degree in Economics. She is an ISET alumni. She holds the position of  consultant at SavvY. Ana has objective and fair judgment skills. ANA IS HERE TO CHANGE WITH US.



What would you wish to change in the  business environment today and what is your goal?

  • I would make the process of  accessing funds  for entrepreneurs easier, but not through subsidies. It is important, however, before this stage, for them to have formulated an appropriate approach, investigated the business climate and identified the right target group to address.
  • Also, it is vital for every business individual to realize the importance of corporate social responsibility and what direct or indirect influence it has, or can have, on society.

How is working at SavvY helping you achieve these goals?

SavvY has given me the opportunity to participate in changing the modern business world.

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