Giorgi MeskhishviliSenior Associate

Name: Giorgi Meskhishvili

Position: Senior Associate

Department: Financial Division

Industries: Medical services, Hotels, Tourism



For me SavvY is associated with professional development and each project introduces me to a new level. The working environment at SavvY has had a positive impact on me that increases my productivity and quality of work.  The feedback I receive after finishing each project is the most important thing, in my experience. I believe these results are the main driver of my professional development and are enable me to take one more step  toward success.


About Giorgi

Giorgi started working at SavvY in 2018. He holds an MBA  from Bank of Georgia University. GIORGI IS HERE TO CHANGE WITH US.


What do you want to change in today’s business environment and what is your goal?

In order to improve the business environment, it is essential that the operating factors do not hinder its development. Political, economic and social factors in the country play a crucial role in determining how businesses function and their efficacy.  I think that these environments need to develop faster and as a result Georgia will become an extremely attractive destination for successful businesses.

How is working for SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

Every project at SavvY is unique, tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Participating in these projects represents  a new experience and gives me the opportunity to reach the next level of my professional development, which is my primary goal.

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