Mariam GarsevanishviliAdministrative Manager

Name: Mariam Garsevanishvili

Position:  Administrative Manager 

Division: Administration 


 The most important thing for me is to work in a healthy and fair environment, where you feel that you hold a valuable position in the company that you work for. SavvY’s success is directly related to the professional growth of the team, which should be the top priority for all employees. At our company, you have the opportunity to learn and develop your skills whilst enjoying your work. The secret of our company is a comfortable environment and a strong team that makes a small company so successful.  

About Mariam:

Mariam started working at SavvY in September 2019. She is a graduated of Tbilisi State University and holds the position of Administrative Manager. She has 5 years’ experience working in a similar position. Mariam is here to change with us.

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