Nino ChekurashviliAssociate

Name: Nino Chekurashvili

Position:  Associate

Department: Financial division

Industries: Construction, trade, various services.


 It is important to work in a company that is constantly focused on growth and development, where all employees are tenacious, friendly and always ready to help you. It is a great honor for me to work with such successful and creative people.

About Nino

Nino has worked at SavvY since 2020. She has a master’s degree in business administration and also continues studies at the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors. Her work experience includes 3 years of accounting, financial services and tax auditing. Nino is here to change with us.


What would you wish to change in the business environment today and what is your goal?

In today’s business environment many companies need help to get accurate, accurate and transparent financial results. I would like to contribute and help them simplify their financial processes.

How is working at SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

Savvy is a company which is always ready to help the business, the business environment is diverse and I believe, that the experience and skills, which i gained here allow me to be constantly qualifing and developing in my profession.

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