Papuna GiqorashviliJunior associate

Name: Papuna Giqorashvili

Position:  Junior Associate

Division: Project management, Due diligence

Industries: Manufacturing. Hospitality, Sports, medicine, real estate



While studying at University, probably every student asks themselves: “What should I do when I graduate?” This question played heavily on my mind. I learned about the internship program by reading vacancy posts and at that moment realised that SavvY was the place where I wanted to work and find myself professionally. Since I started working at SavvY, my life has changed and my goals have become clearer. Our team gives me the opportunity to grow and every step I take at work is a step forward. The environment motivates me to work tirelessly and as each day passes I learn more about myself and grow.

About Papuna

Papuna is a fourth-year student at Ilia State University’s Faculty of Business, Technology and Education. He started working as an intern at SavvY in 2019, and now holds the position of Junior Associate. Papuna is here to change with us.


What would you wish to change in the business environment today and what is your goal?

My goal is to make the Georgian business environment more modern by implementing good practices used in other countries. In order to strengthen the country, it is especially important to stand by small and medium businesses so that they can increase the economic growth of the country.

How is working at SavvY helping you to achieve these goals?

Working at SavvY has given me the unique opportunity to be involved in a lot of interesting projects, to consult with representatives of various industries, including small and medium businesses, and to discover modern approaches and participate in their practical implementation. SavvY has helped me be of services to local businesses and, as a result, the country as a whole.

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