Time SavvY – Time Management Platform

Process improvement is an integral part of business development. The rapid development of technology in the modern world has led to an acceleration of work time. It has become necessary for companies to introduce new systems and create optimal processes to ensure transparency, measurability, and comparability. Increasing employee productivity and optimal use of working hours is one of the most important parts of business development.

In today’s reality, it is very important for companies to properly manage human resources, measure time costs, and evaluate employee performance based on objective arguments. Remote working conditions are a challenge for companies and HR managers as it becomes even more difficult to record the time spent by employees, the tasks performed by them and to discover the weaknesses of employees for their development purposes.

The SavvY team, under the GEclose2EU project, created the team management platform – Time SavvY, which helps management to monitor, measure and, consequently, evaluate team performance. It helps the team members themselves to improve their performance, become more efficient, hone their time management skills, which ultimately guarantees career opportunities.

For companies whose work is based on projects or whose structure consists of Independent, self-contained departments, it is even more important to have a tool, in this case, a platform, that allows them to track time costs in terms of projects or departments, as well as revenues in terms of projects or departments.

The Time SavvY functionality allows you to:

  • Record work assignments and relevant time by each employee
  • Account for vacations and holidays
  • Automatically calculate each employee’s work time in terms of tasks, projects, departments
  • Automatically generate reports to be submitted
  • Transform each employee’s working time into expenses according to salary and redistribute it on tasks, projects and departments
  • Measure employee productivity and plan development

One of the advantages of the platform is the employee table (accounting of employees’ working hours), which is a mandatory requirement for companies by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

In addition, the platform is used as a centralized information gathering system about employees.

Automated reporting on department profitability, project profitability, and time and cost on assignments is an important tool for management to optimize and improve business processes, develop HR strategies, and evaluate the profitability of projects and departments in general.

We have successfully introduced Time SavvY to our company and the team is fully committed to using this digital technology in their day-to-day operations.

For companies that want to improve their business model, digitally transform their business processes, provide organizational flexibility, save costs and become more competitive, Time SavvY is one of the best tools.