Trainings for start-up entrepreneurs

Throughout the project ”Young Entrepreneurs Synergy”, Savvy’s managing partners Mariam Koyava and Tornike Chkhaidze held a two-day training course for young entrepreneurs in the regions of Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti. As the next step of this project, all participants now have the opportunity to get free consultations regarding their business ideas and challenges they face in the market.

Trainings were conducted in Kachreti, Kakheti on July 31 and August 1 and on October 15-16 in Tbilisi.

Prior to the training, Mariam and Tornike had active communication with their clients, in order to ensure that the action plan was clear and accurately responded to existing challenges. Furthermore, they evaluated the needs of the participants.

During the training, they discussed the following issues: Business Planning, Business Management, Marketing and PR, Business Development, and Finance. Training participants are already familiar with the main issues of business planning and management, can determine how to use different communication channels, what factors should be considered while expanding their business, and how to report financial statements in accordance with international financial accounting standards.

Prior to the final stage of the project, consultants will provide individual consultations for the training participants.



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