“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” – Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple Inc.)


Human resources are one of the most critical components of every company, laying the groundwork for an outcome of the company’s operations – success or failure. In our modern world, in which technology has simplified management of business processes, it becomes clearer that there are tasks that can only be accomplished by human workforce.

The primary goal of an HR team is to create a free-flowing corporate environment, where every employee has an equal opportunity to voice his or her opinion, concerning a company’s day-to-day operations. Moreover, every employee should be able to raise concern and receive critical feedback from colleagues. While striving to facilitate this type of corporate culture, a company will be able to fully capitalize on the potential of its human resources.

To achieve this kind of success, we need to provide our employees with timely and objective evaluation. Thus, a company’s management should consider the following.

  • Always praise an employee for his or her good performance in front of colleagues. On the other hand, in case of unsatisfactory performance, a manager should have a private conversation with an employee
  • Motivate employees to express their creative ideas and give due credit to them. If their ideas are not feasible, a manager should explain circumstances to the employee
  • Respect opinions of every employee, since every person perceives events differently
  • Try to make each task interesting for an employee, since they could get discouraged with routine work
  • Always admit their own mistakes, thus, promoting honesty in the environment
  • Explain every procedure and reasons behind them to the employees
  • Establish certain rules and practices. If necessary, approach problems individually

Motivating and dedicating a company’s employees, hiring qualified and culture-fit candidates, nurturing for employees’ skill development – these are some of the critical factors for maintaining productive employees, presenting a challenge to every organization. Our customer holds us to a high standard, expecting a professional team that distinguishes itself with high-quality service. Therefore, the employees’ attitude, presentation, skills and dedication to improve their qualification directly affects a company’s reputation.



Mikheil Khidureli

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